About Us

About Us

Hi!, my name is Carolina and I am the owner of One and Two Company.

I began to crochet when I was a child. My mother and my grandma taught me and it got into my passion soon. Since then, I have walked a long way, learning more and more as the days passed, developing my own creations and devoting to it all the free time I had. After my daughter´s birth, I had a “peace period”, which allowed me to think about selling my patterns. It meant to me the possibility of sharing my creativity with a huge community and to have another reason to go on moving forward and developing new proyects. People´s response has been fascinating: to have the possibility to see how my designs come true miles from where I live. This was incredible and it surprised me. I hope to improve more and more, with new and funny proyects, without losing the spirit that inspired me at the begining. I wish you would be along this way with me...

I can not conclude without introducing my main inspiration ... my daughter. She is very creative and she is telling me tales and stories full of incredible characters... all the time. Many of them appear in my projects.


















This project is dedicated to you Clara. I love you :)