Adventure on the Woods Playset Crochet Pattern

Adventure on the Woods Playset Crochet Pattern


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I’ve always wanted to create a little world for my daughter, where she could develop her amazing stories. I think it’s great to promote the creativity and imagination of children. Also, It’s wonderful to share and play with friends. You can customize it as you prefer, adding and modifying elements. I really enjoyed designing it, and I hope your little ones enjoy so much playing!


· Skill Level: Easy / Intermediate

In this pattern you will find:
· 1 Big Mushroom
· 1 Little Mushroom
· 1 Trunk
· 1 Little Hedgehog
· 1 Big Hedgehog
· 1 Bird
· 1 Bee
· 1 Butterfly
· 1 Big Flower
· 1 Small Flower
· 1 Acorn
· 1 Base of Grass

· Big Mushroom (height): 11,8 inches (30 cm)
· Little Mushroom (height): 5,1 inches (13 cm)
· Trunk (height): 4,7 inches (12 cm)
· Little Hedgehogs (length): 4 inches (10 cm)
· Big Hedgehogs (length): 4,7 inches (12 cm)
· Bird (height): 3,5 inches (9 cm)
· Bee (length): 2,9 inches (7,5 cm)
· Butterfly (length): 1,1 inches (3 cm)
· Big Flowers (diameter): 2,3 inches (6 cm)
· Small Flowers (diameter): 1,7 inches (4,5 cm)
· Acorn (length): 4 inches (10 cm)
· Base of Grass (diameter): 22 inches (56 cm)

· Written in American English crochet terms.

· My patterns have Detailed Text instructions and symbol CHART instructions to help you.

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